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Chantal Croccolo205 views1 comments02/28/11 at 21:4912xausntmx17: uh, is she eating her hair?
Kelsey Martinovich1259 viewsPhoto: Jason Capobianco2 comments02/27/11 at 01:46spike78127: Love this!
Kathryn Lyons852 viewsPhoto: Richard Freeman2 comments02/26/11 at 02:2412xausntmx17: LOVE HER! She's my winner, and this shot of h...
Cycle 5346 viewsTahnee Atkinson and Clare Venema1 comments02/24/11 at 22:2112xausntmx17: Love this shot! Clare stands out from Tahnee, & th...
Sophie Van Den Akker318 viewsFor: Faint Magazine
Photo: Jon Attenborough
1 comments02/23/11 at 21:43D.: She did a really good job in this spread. Very ava...
Sophie Van Den Akker459 viewsFor: Faint Magazine
Photo: Jon Attenborough
1 comments02/23/11 at 21:42D.: Just wow!
Amanda Ware480 viewsFor: Madison Magazine
Photo: Georges Antoni
1 comments02/23/11 at 21:41D.: This is a really powerfully beautiful shot. Go Am...
Jessica Moloney255 viewsPhoto: Penny Lane1 comments02/22/11 at 23:4912xausntmx17: God, Jessica is amazing, I love this chick, haha x...
Jessica Moloney347 viewsFor: Tribe Styleaid 20102 comments02/22/11 at 23:4712xausntmx17: 2nd comment on this site! YAY!

Love this shot o...
Alice Burdeu267 viewsFor: Katherine
Photo: Terence Chin
1 comments02/18/11 at 22:47D.: Wow, first to leave a comment. Seriously, the ver...
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