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Alice Burdeu318 viewsPhoto: Peter Azzi1 comments07/24/12 at 18:49LaceyVibe: HQ shots are up! Photographer information updat...
Alice Burdeu442 viewsPhoto: Peter Azzi1 comments07/18/12 at 18:59LaceyVibe: On the lookout for bigger/better quality shots as ...
Alice Burdeu369 viewsFor: Goldwell 2011 Color Campaign‏1 comments04/13/11 at 04:58D.: STUNNING!!!
Alice Burdeu415 viewsFor: Food Fashion Friends by Fleur Wood1 comments03/31/11 at 21:48D.: "It means I get to eat more cake" ~Alice...
Alice Burdeu270 viewsFor: Katherine
Photo: Terence Chin
1 comments02/18/11 at 22:47D.: Wow, first to leave a comment. Seriously, the ver...
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